Globe's Alternative Music Series Presents: Zoe Tiganouria live in Drom NYC

Guest Vocalist: Aspasia Stratigou. Introducing Pambina Kontea.
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Zoe Tiganouria (World-Music Acclaimed Greek Star)

“If she lived in another era, she would certainly be one of the goddess Artemis nymphs, since when you listen her play, you become ecstatic…
Her music goes through your body and explodes your senses soaring.”

Zoe Tiganouria is a Greek composer and accordion soloist born and raised on the island of Samothrace in a family of Traditional musicians, she has worked as a composer and accordion soloist with all the famous singers in the Greek discography, but also with international artists (such as James Brown, o Al Di-Meola, Ömer Faruk Tekbilek, Goran Bregović, Chico Freeman, and others).

She is the owner of the music production company “Zoe Music Ltd.” and she was selected by the European project “100 Mirrors” among the 100 women entrepreneurs from several European countries, who serve as models for other women wishing to start their own businesses or strengthening their creative and entrepreneurial skills.

Zoe has received an honorary distinction by the international accordion “giants” at the Ikaalinen Accordion Festival in Finland, has participated in the Frankfurt Music Fair, has been awarded with the Medal of Honor of UNESCO by the Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis for her contribution to the cultural heritage of Evros Prefecture, she is entitled as the “Face of Arsinoe” and her compositions were used as the background music in the video projections of the “Giuseppe Sciacca” International Awards in the Vatican.

Zoe has released 18 personal albums until today since 2006.

Aspasia Stratigou

Aspasia Stratigou was born in Athens, Greece. She started singing from a young age, but her musical career stared in 2005 next to the Estudiantina band with which she started touring around Greece and abroad for many years. Later on, Aspasia started working with established composers and singers in live shows as well as in studio. In 2007, she started touring with the world famous Greek artist George Dalaras in Greece and all over the world.

She just released her first discographic work titled Rodostamo. 

Pambina Kontea


Pambina Kontea was born and raised in Larnaca, Cyprus.

From a young age, Pambina was surrounded by musical notes since her father was a singer himself. She had classic guitar and music theory lessons as well as Byzantine music training. She started as a professional singer from a really young age.  

She has been part of a lot of contests and concerts and appeared in plenty music scenes in Cyprus and Greece. She has worked with well-established, Greek composers and musicians such as Giorgos Chatzinasios, Thanassis Polykandriotis and Mary Linda, establishing her as a very promising young artist.


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