PUi, or often referred to as The PUi Tribe due to the culture that has formed around the music of the band, is the pioneer of a new movement called Neo Primal which doubles as the artist’s debut album title.

Neo-Primal is the emergence of a sound inspired by an idea. It is a progressive, upward motion that draws its strength from the depth of it’s roots. A futuristic mind driven by a primitive heart. Tribal Drums dancing around Synthesizer Sounds fueled by aggressive guitar riffing. Ethnically diverse and emotionally intoxicating, the sound is a melodic, rhythmic texture bred from Metal, R&B, Soul, Middle Eastern motifs and Electronica.

PUi Ritual events have sold-out venues like Irving Plaza (2 nights back to back), Gramercy Theater and Highline Ballroom. Through the collection of these experiences, The PUi Tribe has an incredibly dedicated following called The People Of The Moon who bear the symbol of the movement “a crescent” as a tattoo which has been the biggest participating factor for the success of these events. It is ever growing in a grass roots fashion combining incredible show production. Perhaps the biggest testament to the power of the crowd is how PUi raised 10 thousand dollars in a crowd funding campaign to finance the production of their debut album “Neo-Primal”

The members of PUi are given the titles of Prince, Siren, Makina, Shaa,Tek and Ki. Current Prince and founder of The PUi Tribe is Anatolian native Nazimcan Shuva. The line-up is completed by Leo, Brian, Ory, Liron, and Justin. When the day comes, these titles will pass on to successors chosen by the previous holders. This tradition aims to make The PUi Tribe a bright burning flame of expression for generations to come.

Whenever asked what “PUi” means, Prince Nazimcan Shuva, has one answer for them: “Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa is a blank slate. PUi is your blank slate. Look at us. We are your thoughts. We are your judgment. Our actions define the meaning of the word, after all what can describe what we are, better than what we do?”

PUi is its own definition

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